One-to-One Therapy using The Raviv Method


What are the benefits of One-to-One Therapy?

One-to-One therapy is a bespoke programme based on the Raviv Method, and is tailored to a child’s individual needs, allowing a good working relationship to develop between the client and the practitioner. The work, based on movement, is enjoyable and continually builds on the ongoing achievements of the client.

It can specifically help children over the age of 5 with a number of learning difficulties, such as:

  • Dyslexia

  • Dyspraxia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Language/speech impairment

  • Motor co-ordination problems

  • Memory and concentration difficulties

  • Issues with time and organisation skills

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD(H)D)

  • Phonological understanding and awareness

  • Sequencing, logic and maths perception

  • Decoding and visual motor integration for reading

  • Visual perception issues of reversing letters

  • Hand writing

  • Spelling Reading and writing


What is the Raviv Method?

The Raviv Method has been developed as a result of current research into how the brain works, and how it needs to function for it to acquire learning skills. It is based on the work of Dr Deborah Sunbeck, and builds on The Infinity Walk.

The Raviv Method aims to train and develop new neural pathways through specially implemented exercises which simultaneously work the visual and auditory motor centres and interaction between hemispheres. The resulting stronger connections will enable learning to be free of the difficulties previously experienced.

Therapy consists of five jointly implemented processes:

  • Creating the specific neural structure required for learning

  • Focused strategies for controlling the brain activity necessary for attention and concentration

  • Training the brain to control two-dimensional perception

  • Reading and training the brain in phonological skills and maths

  • Learning and memory strategies

How do the sessions work?

The Raviv Method is built around weekly one-to-one sessions with the practitioner of 50 minutes to one-hour duration. Usually, a complete programme will take up to 24 sessions. This can vary depending on the severity and nature of the difficulties to be overcome.

The practitioner will discuss the likely duration with you before undertaking the programme.

Whilst the Raviv Method is the central core of the One-To-One programme, it is also adapted to suit the individual by adding Listening Therapy, Reflex Integration, or Bal-A-Vis-X, where needed, as part of the weekly therapy sessions. This ensures that the programme is entirely tailored to the needs of the individual child.

What should I do next?

If you are interested in booking One-to-One Therapy, or are just interested in learning more about the programme or the Raviv Method, then:

What other tools does Raviv Practice London have for children at pre-school level or individuals at this developmental level?

Whilst One-to-One therapy may integrate a number of services into the programme to suit the needs of the child, there are several other services that can help individuals at this level. For example, our Reading & Phonics programme or our 2 day Workshops to train in the Bal-A-Vis-X programme.