Speed Reading using Reading Plus®


How can Reading Plus® help me, or my child?

Reading is all about making sure your eyes move across the page, taking in information at a steady rate.

If you, or your child, find you miss, skip or repeat what you read, or you want to improve your reading speed, then this programme is the right tool to help.

It builds the three domains for effective silent reading:

  • Physical – developing silent reading fluency and stamina

  • Cognitive – building vocabulary and comprehension

  • Emotional – increasing interest, confidence, and motivation

If their physical skills are weak, it doesn’t matter how good a student’s vocabulary is. They will struggle to keep up.

And if a student’s comprehension skills are weak, they’ll lose confidence and get frustrated. This is true for students and adults of all ages because, when a student reads independently, they engage with all three domains of reading at the same time, so their reading instruction should reflect this.

Only Reading Plus® integrates these three domains into one personalised system. It builds the physical skills essential for fluency and stamina, provides the texts to build vocabulary and comprehension, and taps into the student’s interest in order to build confidence and motivation.

Reading Plus® opens the gateway to discovering reading as a source of knowledge, insight, and joy. The result is not just a better reader, but a lifelong reader.

Reading Plus® is also suited for children and adults who can read, but want to accelerate their reading speed, vocabulary and comprehension. From a visual/optometry perspective, it is unique in that it aids the scanning process and simultaneously increases the reading challenge.


An overview of Reading Plus®

How does it work?

Reading Plus® provides practice with 20 sub-skills to ensure students develop the ability to understand texts in a deep and meaningful way. Sub-skills are fully aligned with national and state standards for reading informational and literary texts.

How is the programme delivered?

Reading Plus® is an online programme. The student does a Reading Test and it provides a reading age, speed at which they read and vocabulary level.

Students work 5 days per week for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Each day, you can log-on to see progress and discuss results any time with the tutor (usually weekly at the start).

You will receive in-depth reports on progress, and whether or not the weekly target has been met. Once all the targets are met, the student jumps up a level and they are presented with longer passages and more complex text.

What should I do next?

If you are interested in accessing the Reading Plus® programme, or just want to learn more, then:

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