About Raviv Practice London

Raviv Practice London provides innovative motor-sensory and cognitive therapies to children and adults with learning difficulties, building their self-confidence and helping them to transform their approach to learning.

Our success is based on our unique approach to addressing the individual’s needs. By examining the presence of stress, anxiety and past trauma, and combining this understanding with the very latest in Neuro-Cognitive research, we are able to create a nurturing learning environment, and cultivate a solid foundation for life.

Raviv Practice London was founded in 2008 by Usha Patel, who left a successful, professional career in architecture to retrain in Neuro-Cognitive Therapy. With her passionate drive to help others understand the root causes of their learning difficulties and discover how to build new approaches to learning, Raviv Practice London was able to develop an effective and powerful set of tools and services that have delivered tangible results time and again, and given its clients a real sense of achievement.

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In 2010, Raviv Practice London expanded its scope to include delivering learning solutions to schools, and its sister organisation, Integrated Brain, was born. The organisation’s goal is to come to the aid of those children in danger of falling through the net of the education system, to give hope to those who may have lost it, and help true potential come to fruition. We also aim to help those adults who want to improve their professional and learning skills, or address any gaps in their learning framework.

It’s never too late to make a change that can last a lifetime.