Auditory Processing Disorder Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to assess the level of your child's Auditory Processing disorder. Most children will only exhibit some of the symptoms. Please complete and submit this questionnaire if you would like an informal assessment.

Misunderstands what is said *
Requests that information or instructions be repeated *
Appears to not hear properly or to be a selective listener *
Experiences difficulty with phonics *
Experiences difficulty with reading *
Has difficulty putting thoughts onto paper during writing *
Experiences difficulty with comprehension *
Experiences difficulty with problem solving or abstract concepts *
Appears confused by multiple, lengthy or quickly presented verbal instructions *
Performs better one on one *
Experiences difficulty understanding in noisy environments *
Either unusually sensitive or unresponsive to noise / sounds *
Appears to be easily distractable *
Experiences difficulty paying attention in the classroom *
Difficulty expressing/explaining information or paraphrasing *
Provides slow or delayed responses *
Experiences difficulty understanding the point or focus of group activities *
Takes a long time to complete classroom work and/or homework *
Is teased or left out of activities by peers *
Unusually tired after school *
Experiences behaviour problems *
Low confidence and / or self-esteem *
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