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We offer practical solutions to help conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, dyscalculia, DCD, handwriting problems, anxiety, working memory issues, and many more.

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Our services are designed to bridge developmental gaps or to accelerate learning excellence for all children.

As diagnoses differ greatly from person to person, our focus is on addressing the symptoms present, and using motor-sensory and cognitive techniques to provide a platform for the individual to build a new, more successful and adaptable approach to learning.

This table is designed to help you find the appropriate service for you or your child. Focus on the objective you want to achieve for a particular learning difficulty, or scroll down through the different age groups, from pre-school at the top, to adult learning at the bottom, to find the service that is right for you.

We can offer face-to-face or online services, and training programmes. Even if you’re not local to the London area, we have plenty to offer you.

You can see our options for schools here.

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Developmental age Objective Targeted area of development Services and products suited Duration of programmes Location
Pre-school/ Nursery Remove stress and anxiety Foundations skills ready to develop physical literacy skills Safe & Sound protocol 5 days Home or London
Listening therapy 6-12 months Home and London
Reflex Integration therapy 6-12 months Home (review every 6 weeks)
Primary School Prepare independent learning and physical literacy Develop all the physical skills for independent learning/reading One-to-one Therapy Weekly 6-12 months London
Workshop 2 days London
Phonics/Reading Daily for 3 months Online virtual tutor
Secondary School Precise language/reading/working memory development Language development leading to Advanced Reading development Advance Reading programme Daily for 3 months Online virtual tutor
Silent reading speed and comprehension and vocabulary development Speed Reading programme Daily for 6-12 months Online virtual tutor
Memory Training 5 weeks Online with coach
Adults Improve memory skills Being able to read/remember more in less time Workshop 2 days London
Silent reading speed and vocabulary and precise eye tracking for reading Speed Reading programme Daily for 6-12 months Online virtual tutor
Memory Training 5 weeks Online virtual tutor