Advanced Reading using Fast ForWord®


How can Fast ForWord® help secondary school children and young adults?

Every day, parents are faced with the challenge of trying to help their teenager who struggles to read, while the complex cognitive work required increases with each academic level.

Because reading requires many different events to take place simultaneously in the brain, our secondary education products are designed to strengthen existing cognitive skills and provide an effective and enduring literacy foundation for bringing secondary students up to reading proficiency.

Fast ForWord® products exercise and develop the processing efficiency and literacy skills that secondary students need to read, listen, think, and participate successfully in the classroom.

Parents and teachers note many important benefits beyond reading, such as better focus, better attitude, and even better scores in subjects other than reading.

To learn more, see The Fast ForWord science.


How does it work?

Fast ForWord® is an online language and reading intervention software that builds foundational reading and language skills while improving memory, attention and processing rates. It is an evidence-based series of programmes that can significantly and rapidly increase reading ability.

There are several key programmes in this suite:

Fast ForWord® - Literacy

Fast ForWord® - Literacy builds cognitive, language, and literacy skills for the adolescent student. Based on neuroscientific research, Fast ForWord® - Literacy creates an intervention like no other, which gets to the underlying foundational issues that challenge the struggling reader.

Fast ForWord® - Literacy Advanced

Fast ForWord® - Literacy Advanced is a neuroscience-based literacy product specifically developed for secondary and young adult education. As the companion to Fast ForWord -Literacy, it continues building a strong foundation of fundamental cognitive skills in the context of language and reading skills including: advanced listening accuracy, advanced auditory sequencing, listening comprehension, word analysis, English language conventions, vocabulary, phonological memory and sustained attention.

Fast ForWord® - Reading 3

Fast ForWord® - Reading 3 software is a computer-based series of exercises that builds reading knowledge and fluency. With a focus on recognizing word sounds, word forms, and spelling conventions this product develops basic vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Fast ForWord® - Reading 4

This software is a computer-based series of exercises that expands reading skills with a focus on applying knowledge of word origins, word forms, sentence structures, and punctuation rules to improve comprehension. It continues the development of cognitive skills but presented in the context of reading.

Fast ForWord® - Reading 5

Fast ForWord® - Reading 5 software is a computer-based series of exercises that focuses on advanced reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. It is appropriate for students in upper elementary, middle and high school, and is designed to exercise the skills identified in the literacy and language arts content standards for 5th grade.

How is the programme delivered

  • The student does a Reading test and it provides a reading age based on comprehension, vocabulary, decoding, and phonological awareness.

  • Students work 5 days per week with fixed durations of either 30 or 60 minutes per day.

  • Each day you will receive a summary of the work done the day before.

  • Each week you receive an in-depth report of the errors, progress and whether or not the weekly target has been met.

  • Once all the targets are met, and each module is completed, another Reading Test is done to see the reading gain.

What should I do next?

If you are interested in accessing the Fast ForWord® programme, or just want to learn more, then:

What other tools does Raviv Practice London have for individuals wanting to improve their reading skills?

We have a number of programmes and services that can help children, teenagers and adults improve their reading. For example, our Speed Reading Programme.