"Organisation is the key..."

How true the above statement is. My son is 10 years old and has just completed the 20 week course with Usha Patel. My son was diagnosed with Dysgraphia and his co-ordination and organisational skills needed help. The program is very full on and does require the individual to spend time on activities but it is fun!.

I have watched my son develop his co-ordination and organisational skills at a very satisfactory rate. His school has also noticed his progress and have commented on numerous occasions since July.

He is not where he wants to yet, he is further than we here he used to be.

My son was never "stupid", he has a very fast, active intelligent brain. He just had to be shown how to put things in an orderly and more manageable way.

He is improving daily but he must continue to keep up with his daily tasks and routines in order to succeed.

coming across Usha's advert was one of the best things I ever did, the kindness and help and support she has show has been fantastic.

Esta - mother of 10 year old.

Andrew Moore