Mandeep mother of Sukhraj Age 9

I was struggling to keep my son motivated at school he had little and no interest in any of the subjects. His reading age was at 7.2 and he had no ability to comprehend numbers. Due to problems at home and with his inability to keep up with school work his self esteem was very low and I thought it was a loosing battle.

The SEN teacher recommended he tries the Raviv Therapy as it was not an academic programme so I agreed thinking what ever helps I will try.

Usha observed the my son's learning difficulties; poor eye tracking, hand eye coordination the school already knew about his handwriting problems. There were many aspects to deal with and she quickly built up a rapport and started working on the problem areas. In the beginning he was reluctant to participate but slowly he began to like the walking exercises. She gave him fun doodling exercises for his dysgraphia and this is the area we first started seeing improvements, followed by increased attention and good behaviour in class.

We noticed a marked change at around 10 weeks and it was inconceivable before this that my son would ever grasp the idea of adding up simple sums let alone do his times tables. He started on 10s and then 2s. I had tried previously to teach him to tell the time but with no joy but three weeks later he started understanding basic time telling concepts armed with his 5 times tables!

Usha, gave specific instructions to me also about constantly injecting positive feedback for his efforts and keeping him motivated. He since has started football training and comes home beaming with smiles proud of the fact he can now score goals!

I am very please of the new found confidence my son has gained and I am really proud when he voluntarily picks out books in the library and reads without being forced into it and found a new love in books which I never thought possible. His maths has also improved tremendously and with practise he will be even better.

His reading age at the start of the programme was 7.2 years.
His reading age at the end of the programme was 8.5 years

Andrew Moore